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The Struggle is Real: Pants Edition

Growing up, I was always a bit curvier than all of my friends which made it almost impossible to find ANY pair of pants that I felt: A) Confident in or B) That fit. I would always settle for pants that were too loose in the waist, saggy in the bum, or so baggy my  mom would have to hem them, thus making them look like impromptu harem pants.  Flash forward to now and you will RARELY ever see me wear pants.  NEVER.  I've built up this animosity and hatred towards them that cannot be matched.  If you take that feeling, plus the added stress of ordering clothing online, one could assume that pants would be the absolute, very last think I would EVER purchase online.   You would be surprisingly wrong.
I've been eyeing a pair of Black, Crepe 1940's Style pants from Pinup Girl Clothing for awhile and I had to take the plunge and purchase them. It's extremely daunting ordering pants online, especially when, if you're like me, you gave up a long time ago.  I received them l…

Frederick's of Hollywood, Black Lace and Ruffles, Oh My!

My vintage obsessions change with every passing minute.  I fall in love with new pieces, styles and colors every time I blink!  One of my biggest downfalls starts with the best of intentions.  I scour every resource I have to find cool and interesting pieces for my Etsy Shop "Hot Tramp! Vintage".  I tell myself, " I will not keep this, I will NOT keep this".  Then when I see it I say, "I will try this on and if it doesn't fit, I won't keep it".  Once it fits I then tell myself, "Fuck it! It's mine!".  Not a very safe method :)  One such example is this early 1960's "Frederick's of Hollywood" Harem Costume:

The pants even have built-in underwear! UGH I would be CRAZY to let this go! Don't even get me started on the sleeves! I'm not going to lie,  I would wear each of these pieces separately as an outfit this summer.  The pant would be UNBELIEVABLE at the lake or in the hot, humid summer's the Midwest seems…