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Newest Collection Additions!

To say I've been inspired lately would be a MASSIVE understatement! I have been SUPER lucky to be in contact with some amazing sellers who have given me the opportunity to buy their pieces. Collecting vintage clothing is almost like a drug! My heart almost beats out of my chest when I come across pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. It may be an addiction, but it's one I really don't want to kick! 
Below is a 1960's Gold/ Silver Burlesque set that I recently purchased. This was made in Englewood, CO and has been expertly taken care of! This came with the bra, belt, a headband, and two chokers. The sheer weight of this proves just how well-made this piece is. 

Below is the QUINTESSENTIAL example of why I collect what I do! This 1950's Black Satin & Rhinestone gown is not only well made, but it came with some pretty cool provenance! When I purchased this I knew it would be coming with a picture of the original owner wearing it and that her name was Sandra Cordel…

Carmine & Hayworth New Rental Pieces!

I've been working really hard to make sure I can get as many of my pieces up for local rent as possible! If you're in the Fargo-Moorhead or surrounding area, you're in for a treat!
Below is a sampling of some pieces that are currently for rent! Photo-shoots, galas, events, etc.! I'm slowly but surely putting together a portfolio of photos of each piece.  This portfolio will not only be a way for prospective clients to view pieces, but a great way to view fashion history! I've ALWAYS been fascinated by vintage, vintage inspired pieces, construction, you name it! Scroll down for a brief over view of each! I absolutely LOVE being able to offer pieces for rent for those who can't justify buying a piece and not wearing it again!  I love having options for people where they can feel LUXURIOUS & BEAUTIFUL without breaking the bank or their closets! For more information check out my businesses Facebook page! Carmine & Hayworth

My Favorite Things 1.5

Lately, I've REALLY need to draw inspiration where I can to help me refuel mentally.  Starting your own business, like many can attest to, really drains you mentally especially when being creative is the sole force behind it.  There are so many things lately that have helped me get through the past few weeks of finalizing business plans, numbers, inventory, etc. and below are just some of them 😊