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Wear Whatever the Hell You Want

I don't know about you, but I feel like everyday should be a day to dress-up, wear weird things, or just be a different style version of yourself. My style is not fluid by any means.  I wear what I want and there's usually never any rhyme or reason.  I go through spurts where I will wear nothing but Black for weeks on end, or I'll wear the most ostentatious vintage blouse or dress. Weird looks and stares are usually waiting outside the door, but as Mae West said, "It's better to be looked over than over-looked". Or at least, that's my motto.
Lately, I've decided that if I want to wear a 1950's bathing suit out and about, I'm going to. I don't live near any lakes or pools, but it's nice to pretend like you do :)
I'm quite a big fan of Vintage Bed Jackets and it's one of the many things I hoard (collect).  I found this GORGEOUS & PRISTINE Deadstock Bed Jacket from "Eyeful by the Flomms" and I almost died at how pure…

The Lingerie Addiction Continues...

When I die, it will most likely be due to my entire collection of vintage lingerie falling on top of me.  I don't spend a lot of money on my nails, spas or anything like that. Just the holy goodness that is lingerie. Here are a few more I've added recently....

I'm now in the process of finding more suitable storage for my vastly growing collection.  My little trunk has more that burst at the seams!

My Vintage Closet & Additions

Here's a quick little update on what I've been wearing  and collecting lately! I'm pretty sure I've mastered the art of getting highly stressed / anxious and channeling that into buying cool shit :) I may have a slight, manic addiction....

I honestly feel that this is saving history.  The quality of designs in these pieces are second to none.  Any vintage lover knows that not only does this get you closer to the golden age of fashion, but it makes you really feel that you're a piece of the history of fashion too.

That Ol' Adage: Everything Old is New Again

I've made my love affair with vintage lingerie the focal point of my life, as of late, but I've recently decided to dip my feet back into the world of new lingerie.  Any person who buys a piece of lingerie knows that you have to sift through hoards of pieces to find what you're looking for especially when it comes to sizing! You may find the style you want, but the band sizing or cup size is all wrong.  Or the fit can be PERFECT but the style is a bit too.... well cheap.   I knew that if I wanted to incorporate new pieces into my collection I needed to go to brands that didn't mess around.  First off, lets talk about Playful Promises line "Bettie Page Lingerie" and their new line of Circle Stitch Overwire bras / bustiers.

The construction of these bustiers is IMPECCABLE and the color ways are just right! I love the attention to details especially the padding where the boning is, something I find to be a must! 

I'm a 38 C and I found that when I ordered th…