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When I Die....

When I die, I want to be buried in a shiny Black coffin. It is dark, classic, moving, and mysterious.

When I die, I want my hair to be as Red as Snow White's Apple.  Deep, hypnotizing and dangerous.

When I die, I want my skin to be as White as a Renaissance  maiden.  Soft, luscious and unearthly.

When I die, I want to be remembered like a memory or a song.

Because to be dead is to be forgotten.

That is what it means to be truly dead.

CS 2016

What A Way to Go!

I recently mentioned my new found love for Pink... Pink vintage, Pink fashion, Pink decor, you get the picture! On a recent little buying frenzy, I found myself getting one of those weird, pesky feelings that if I didn't this certain lot of vintage lingerie and coats, I would regret it. I spend days going back and forth wondering if I wanted the investment and I bit the bullet.
In my lingerie haul, I found this STUNNING and ETHEREAL Ballet Pink bustier with cleverly placed little leaf like shapes on the bust. This one is by 'Sears' from the mid-1960's.  Too good not to get! My adventures sorting through the batch I got this in (which I will go into detail on in another post) is one I won't ever forget. Four hours of handwashing, inhaling crumbling padding AKA "Devil Dust" and hoping I don't pass out from the steam is a memory for the books.

This lovely Pink Wool coat from "Angelo" is from the late 1950's/early 1960's with lovely faux…

Let's Talk About My Favorite Thing..... Vintage Lingerie ;)

I know I'm not alone in saying that vintage lingerie was TRULY an artform! The pure architecture in each design is second to none! Modern day lingerie lines are bringing back the decadence and saving us from the pain of finding something that really makes us feel glamourous!
My collection has grown in the past few years because I found that anything else I was buying from modern day retailers fell apart, weren't structured and just plain didn't do much visually! These pieces are almost like my cloak of confidence! Whenever I'm feeling anxious, down in the dumps and just plain mentally beaten, I put one on and BOOM! I feel like a new person.
I must admit, I'm not someone who wears vintage from head to toe (although it's tempting).  I'm curvy (which makes it tricky to find pieces that fit properly) and live in a region where when it's -20 degrees below zero, I'm not concerned with my clothing as much as I am about not dying of Hypothermia! With that …

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

This is my Wall O'stuff.... I fear that with one large stomp from my loud upstairs neighbors, this will all come toppelling down.  Until then, let's enjoy!

A Little Morning Inspiration

Happy Saturday!  Going to coffee shops and enjoying the sounds of espresso machine whirling and coffee pouring, has always been my favorite pastime. Nowadays I've felt that I needed the thrill of a coffee shop without having to deal with the customers that come with it :) My advice? While you're enjoying your minting cup of coffee play the wonderful Jim Jarmusch's Black & white film "Coffee and Cigarettes". That way you get the atmosphere of a coffee house all while being the comfort of your own home :)

Polka Dots and Vintage Lingerie

One of my favorite things to do, especially when it's snowing in the Midwest and I refuse to go outside, is to find different ways to incorporate my vintage clothing items into things I can wear everyday.  I've been spending a while slowly trying to document different pieces I own, just to keep better track of the mounds of things I've been accumulating over the years.  In order to make this less tedious I decided to mix and match outfits while also documenting them too.  This makes the process a bit less intimidating :)
Bodysuit : Windsor Online Store Bustier: Vintage "Lady Marlene"
I've been on a HUGE Black and Sheer kick lately! There's something about the sheer lace paired with a longline bustier that makes you feel like a vintage Vixen, but also demure and mysterious.  I was always one of those kids who was too afraid to wear any of my vintage outfits in fear of being made fun of in my Midwest town, since growing up in the late 90's and early 00…

Big Eyes Save Lives.... and Other Things I've Told Myself After Being Teased As A Child

Growing up, I had a hard time relating to my peers. Something, I think, a lot of us have felt at some point or another.  I was teased about my style (I looked too "weird" or "old"), my hair (it's too bushy), my eyebrows (they're too big) and most of all my eyes ("THEY'RE SO BIG! YOU HAVE BUG EYES!"). My sister (who,by the way, has GORGEOUS big Blue eyes) and I got teased for things that have now turned out to be quite ahead of our time and very on trend now!

For Example:

My love of Vintage fashion: Those of us who appreciate various eras of fashion have now been able to come of out hiding, if you will.  Back when I was growing up (the late 90's and early 2000s) this was NOT something people understood or took kindly to.My hair:Now, as my mother would tell you, where I got my thick, wavy and frizzy hair from is a family mystery, but growing up, if you didn't have pin-straight, flat hair, you were automatically out of place.  Nowadays, pe…

My Inspiration Lately AKA Things That Get Me So Excited My Asthma Acts Up... :)

I've never been much of a Pink person until the past two years where I've learned to appreciate the simplicity of the color and the many ways it can be represented. This has been especially relevant to me in terms of vintage and pieces I've been hoarding/ collecting.

This 'Ceil Chapman' Ballet Pink, Silk Swing Coat is one of my prized possessions since it is able to, in my mind, transform me and any outfit I wear with the exception of sweat pants.... that would be an insult to the beauty of this coat!

Look at this collar!! I mean, SERIOUSLY, how amazingly stunning is this?! I can safely say that they DO NOT make them like this anymore and what a pity! I paired this with something simple, yet demurely, sexy and of course I mean a vintage bustier ;)  I think anyone would agree that architecture in fashion is TIMELESS.  Something quite lacking in today's scene.

While I love me some vintage, I also have become quite fond of Pink fabrics, in general.  I stopped into…