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Weird Fashion: ASOS Edition

Words cannot express how oddly excited I am about this Blouse / Tee I recently purchased from ASOS. The weird mix of Cotton V-Neck Tee and Pink Chiffon ruffles shouldn't work, but they just do. I have the oddest inclination to walk by people and try to hit them with my abundance of ruffles. Try it, seriously. It's a huge stress reliever :) The last three pictures are not the best quality, but I was too excited to share myself drowning in the pink goodness. 
The comments I've had on this blouse/ tee have been very mixed.  I've heard, "Ooohhh I love how unique it is!" or a blank stare accompanying, "Wow.... there's a lot going on here.." Either way, no one can take away my thrill when I walk really fast and let the glorious ruffles hit my face on the way :)

Wednesday Vibes & Favorite Obsessions

This particular Wednesday I'm definitely feeling my mood for vintage nudes. There's always been something so beautiful and fascinating about their style and magnetism. Below are my collection of Jumbo Sized Playing Cards that I'm DYING over! I'm happy to be able to post this photo here since it was twice removed from Instagram :/