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My Favorite Things 1.6: Style Icon Edition

Once in awhile I like to post some things that inspire me such as items I've purchased, seen online, etc. Today I wanted to share some of my style icons! I gravitate towards different styles depending on how I'm feeling, but some of my icons will always stay the same. I always get asked who I look up to for style inspiration and it's CONSTANTLY changing. I don't like using one person as an icon because I'm not one who finds that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". First up:

Linda Ramone
I grew up listening to the Ramones, but, admittedly, I'm not an expert on their music. One thing I have paid close attention to is the style of Johnny Ramone's widow, Linda. Linda is not only an AMAZING philanthropist, but a true style WONDER!  Her use of color not only in her wardrobe, but her everyday life shows how unafraid she is of being looked at. From her vivid Flame colored hair to her silver Go-Go Boots, she's the embodiment of BORN STYLE.


This Week's Latest Inventory Additions! 11.5.18

NEW RENTAL INVENTORY ADDED just in time for the Holiday Season! Are you looking for that special, wearable work of art to enhance your boudoir or beauty photoshoot? Are you a stage performer in need of that special, hot item? Scroll below to check out what we just added!  There are more AMAZING pieces that will be added this week! See something you'd like to rent? Shoot us an email for any questions or to set up a FREE consult!