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Life Lately AKA My Life the Clusterf*%K

I've been MIA on here for a hot minute, but I'm BACK! Sort of :) I'm currently rotating between three jobs and my ability to document my latest collection add-ons and fun new-to-me buys have been pushed to the back burner.
I'm one of those people who NEVER relaxes.  I don't know what that word means.  Whenever I'm told to relax I get even more stressed out, which negates the purpose entirely.  This is why I decided to add another job, at a beauty store, to my plate and luckily all has gone well (knock on wood!). Anywho, I've been de-stressing by doing a little closet organization (again) and trying to take pictures as I go.
I was really inspired by these new Evil Eye earrings and I really wanted to display them with my new-to-me Circle Stitch bustier that I scored on Ebay. 

Okay you guys, so as a side note, "Gilda" and Rita Hayworth have been my two MOST CHERISHED things since I was little.  Hence the reason why I'm a redhead.  When I found th…